What's Up with this Theaetetus dude?

Who, you may ask, is Theaetetus and why has Tom named his machine after him? Well, Theaetetus is the name of a very famous dialogue by Plato, which happens to have a central character that goes by the name, you guessed it, Theaetetus. What's really important is that the dialogue concerns itself with the question of knowledge, i.e. it is a work of epistemology. Tom happens to like epistemology, so much so that his much delayed thesis is in this topic area, and Tom also likes the dialogue. Anyway, time permitting, there will be more about this later. Until then, please feel free to read this rather spiffy little piece of literature by clicking on the link below. Reading the dialogue will not only bring you much pleasure, but will also improve your mental well-being. At the very least, it will give you karma brownie points. Enjoy!

The text of Theaetetus